Warps are a very nice way of teleporting to a specific place. By default the server has a few to get you around.

You see a list of warps by doing /warp in-game.

You can set your own warps so other players can visit for the low price of 16 Diamonds. You can simply do /pw in order to get started by browsing the menu.


  • /pwarp <warp> Teleports you to a Player warp.
  • /pwarp set <warp> Sets a warp at your location.
  • /pwarp remove <warp> Removes a warp you have set.
  • /pwarp desc set/remove <warp> <desc> Warp Descriptions.
  • /pwarp amount See how many warps you have set.
  • /pwarp icon <set/remove> <warp> Set a warp icon with what you are holding.
  • /pwarp category <warp> <category> Set a warp category.
  • /pwarp rename <warp> Rename a warp you have set.
  • /pwarp setowner <warp> <player> Transfer warp owenrship.