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Computer Components

Legendary Card

  • Graphics Card - "The better this is the better games you can play, or at least get like 900 fps in minecraft :D"

Epic Cards

  • Ram - "Makes your computer able to run faster and do more stuff at once"
  • Motherboard - "Without this all other parts are useless!"

Rare Cards

  • Computer Case - "Comes in many different sizes and shapes, some are blinged out and some are unobtrusive"
  • Power Supply - "Supplies the power to your computer."
  • CPU - "Ties all the other components together and does the computing. Are you an Intel or AMD fanboy? :P"

Common Cards

  • Cpu Cooler and other fans - "Keeps everything cool or else your computer will become an expensive pile of melty plastic!"
  • Hard Drive - "SSD or HDD, both store data, and both do it pretty fast"
  • Operating System - "Windows or Mac.......haha just kidding choose windows or else, or choose linux if you feel special"
  • Software - "Games and editing software and word processing, programs do it all and make computers useful."