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90's Toys

Legendary Card

  • Furby - "What a cute lil' nightmare!"

Epic Cards

  • Rubix Cube - "We won't tell anyone you peeled the stickers off."
  • Tamagatchi - "Oh no, it died again."

Rare Cards

  • Moon Shoes - "Like wearable trampolines! Now with more broken ankles!"
  • Care Bears - "Who didn't have atleast 3 of these guys?"
  • Easy Bake Oven - "Tiny cakes and pizzas? Sign me up!"

Common Cards

  • Slinky - "Forever tangled"
  • Etch a Sketch - "Draw out your wildest dreams with 90 degree angles!" 
  • Beanie Babies - "Each one has their own story!"
  • Yo-Yo Ball - "Awesomely fun! Untill you hit yourself in the face with it."