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Legendary Card

  • Alexander Hamilton - "Creator of the coast guard, new york post, Washington's right hand man, Face of the ten dollar bill. Restructured America's financial system."

Epic Cards

  • George Washington - "Victorious general of the Revolutionary War, first president of the United States."
  • Aaron Burr - "Governer Aaron Burr, ran for president against Thomas Jefferson and lost. Ended up taking Hamilton's life after the losing election in a famous duel."

Rare Cards

  • Thomas Jefferson - "Third President of the United States, actively disagreed with Alexander Hamilton on all fronts. Ended up winning the election by Hamilton's endorsement."
  • James Madison - "Writer of 27 of the Federalist papers, Fourth President of the United States. Backed Jefferson on almost every topic."
  • Marquis de Lafayette - "Helped win the Revolutionary War, went back to France to try to win Independance for his people. He was ultimately less favored in France than in America."

Common Cards

  • Hurculese Mulligan - "A spy who disguised as a Seamstress' apprentice, and smuggled the Brittish plans for attack to Washington, which led them to their winning battle in Yorktown."
  • Elizabeth Schuyler - "Hamilton's wife, daughter of wealthy Phillip Schuyler. She established the first private orphanage in New York City and raised funds for the Washington Monument."
  • Angelica Schuyler - "Elizabeth Schuyler's eldest sister, and best friend."
  • Phillip Hamilton - "Hamilton's first born son. At age 19, he stood up to a man who was slandering his father's name, and ultimately died in a duel against the man."