Spawn Info

Spawn is the "center" of the server and is where multiple community builds, shops, and other collaborations reside. Its layout consists of a small hill in the center with 3 paths in 3 cardinal directions. Each path leads to a "district" separating different categories of builds.

North is the portal to the Nether hub; a place where players can connect their portals to spawn.

East is the shopping district and housing district; where shops and spawn houses are.

South is the gaming district; where players can build games, events, and other fun activities,

West is large and industrial builds; where enormous community builds and community auto-farms are made.

Down the water elevator there will be a room containing a large map room, community chests, and information about shops.


Building in spawn is permitted, but please mind these rules:

Do not place a shop in the shopping area without first reading the rules on the next page or under the spawn hill.

When making a house in the residential district, ONLY build where there is a vacant sign.

Do not mine or collect resources within 100 blocks of spawn.

When creating a game, do not build it too close to another game. Also, don't block paths to other games.

Only build certain things in their respective districts. For example, don't make a shop in the games district.

It goes without saying, do not alter or move other people's builds without getting permission from them.

These rules exist to allow players to freely build in spawn while keeping spawn simple, clean, and intuitive.