Glitches and Exploits

Venturekraft Vanilla is intended to feel as vanilla as possible. This means that while using some game breaking exploits and bugs are against the rules, several aren't. These are fairly common and don't cause unfairness among players. This list is specifically for vanilla. SMP and other VK servers have their own rules regarding glitches.



Redstone Bugs (like bud pistons and leaf redstone)

Afk Fishing (although has been made difficult since 1.16)

TNT Duping

Flying Machines

Breaking Bedrock

Using Bedrock to kill Withers

Performance enhancing mods (optifine, minimap, waypoints)



Any Item Duplication

Dragon egg and other gravity block duping

Rail Duping

Xray of any kind (STRICTLY ENFORCED)

Hacked Clients or Scrips

Entity Cramming Traps (only applies to using entities with AI like cows, boats for example are ok)

Anything that gives an unfair advantage