Australian Slang

Legendary Card

  • Coppa - Coppa pulled me over and asked "Have you been drinking?"

Epic Cards

  • Footy - "Want to come over and watch the Footy?"
  • Dodgy - "That car looks so dodgy."

Rare Cards

  • Cozzie - "Grab your cozzie, we are going to the beach."
  • Servo - "Need to go to the servo to get some fuel."
  • Cuppa - "Wanta cuppa?"

Common Cards

  • Arvo - "Do you want to go to the movies this arvo?"
  • Bludger - "Stop being a bludger."
  • Heaps - "There are heaps of people here."
  • Macca's - "Let's go to Macca's for lunch."