VentureKraft API

VentureKraft API is an API (Application Programming Interface) that contains a collection of useful methods for better stability, writability and readability of your code. You should use this for all the plugins you make for VentureKraft. You can see it's complete documentation on the GitHub Repository here, and download if from here. Be sure to also Watch the repository so you know when a new version comes out.

Using The API

As stated above you can download the API from GitHub. So let's learn how to use it! First of you need to load it in your IDE. The process is exactly the same as loading the Spigot API. After loading you should be able to access all the Methods in your classes. Again as stated above you can see it's complete documentation on GitHub. You can always contact King_Hector#3225 with any questions or issues you have!

Issues, Suggestions And Contributions

The API is always expanding with new stuff so issues coming to the surface is very likely. Suggestions are always welcome, as the role of the API is to make the development process better. So if you have any of these you can submit an Issue on GitHub with the APPROPRIATE tags. Furthermore if you would like to contribute to the API you can make a Pull Request.