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Murder Mystery


In murder mystery there are three roles. The Murderer, the Detective and the Innocents. The Innocents goal is to stay alive for as long as possible while the Murderers goal is to kill all the innocents. The Detectives goal is to kill the Murderer with their bow. If all Innocents and the Detective are killed before the time runs out the Murderer wins, while if the Murderer gets killed or hasn't killed everyone else before the time runs out then Innocents win. If the Detective is killed, an innocent can locate and pick up their bow.


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Skywars is a PvP game where each player/team spawns in a separate floating island and try to battle other players/team. When a Skywars match starts players/teams will be dropped on their island which they have to loot for gear and then fight until only one player/team is left. There are eight islands for players/teams to spawn and a bigger one where there's usually better loot.

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