GitHub & Git Setup For IntelliJ

You will need to register a GitHub account, so if you haven't already, you can do it here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide is for IntelliJ users.

Setting Up Git

First of all you'll need to download git from the official page, here.

In the installation wizard you need to, set the destination carpet, select components (You don't need to touch anything), select how it will display in your menu (Click next), select your PATH environment (Select: Use Git from the windows command prompt), Configure the line ending conversions (Select Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings). Terminal emulator should be MinTTY. Let the Extra options as is.

Configuring Git

First off, start Git Bash. You will see a console similar to the windows one appear. You need to set in Git only two parameters, your e-mail and your name from your GitHub registration.

$ git config --global

$ git config --global "Your name here"

If you did this correctly, Git is going to open another $ to write another command. If not, there will be some sort of error.

Committing From IntelliJ

Note: You need to do this section for EVERY project.

Open IntelliJ and go to the project that you want on GitHub. Go to File -> Settings. In settings go to Version Control -> Git and then set the path to the Git executable. After that in the toolbar select VSC -> Import Into Version Control -> Share Project On GitHub. Type in a Repository Name and a Description (optional). Make sure you tick Private and hit Share.

Now this will create a Private Repository on YOUR account. You will have to move this to the VentureKraftDevs Organization. Go to your repository and click settings. Scroll to the bottom and Transfer Ownership (It will ask you who will the new owner be, so just type in VentureKraftDevs). Now your project is shared with the team! In order to commit future changes, go to IntelliJ and on your toolbar select Git -> Commit. Select the files to commit and hit Commit And Push. If you are working with other people on the project make sure you Update Project with the latest commits, before making changes. To do that, on your toolbar select Git -> Update Project then hit OK and you are good to go.